Union Meeting

To all,

The Union meetings last month included the discussion on a few items that the members motioned for and voted on for approval.  All those not present at the meetings will receive a ballot in the Mail.  There were three motions in all.  The first was to provide for contribution to the Horor Guard of $5000.00 to replace old uniforms.  The second was a motion for change of the mandate system, rotating names by total accumulated hours instead of last time worked, and the last of the motions was to give direction to the EBoard to ask the District for a change in vacation hour minimums when finding coverege.

The results of the Elections as communicated to me by the Elections committee:  Vice President is Dave Gerry, Secretary is Damon Pelegrini, and Shift representatives are Scott Carrillo, Eric Sabye, and Ben Wylie.

Members asked about Comp time.  We have not entered into a discussion regarding comp time, but the eboard will continue to persue this on behalf of the membership.

I would like to thank all those who volunteered for the fill the bood drive.  There was discussion on this event, as this year was not as successful as years past.  We will be more politically active with the city and with our Board in order to better facilitate a successful event next year.

I'd also like to thank all those that parcipated in Rock To Remember that generated $4800 for the Fallen Firefighters.