Retirement Party 2018

LOCAL 3546 is inviting you and a guest to come out on November 17, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the San Ramon Marriott for a Retirement party.  We have had several Firefighters retire this year and we would like to give them a send off into retirement world.  One day we will all be there so come on out and hang with your fellow firefighters along with those that are retiring and current retirees.  The cost to you is "zero" well you have to buy your own drinks and if you want to get a discounted room.  Hopefully we can make a strong showing and come out and have a good time.  This year retirees are: Paul Jannisse, Dave Atkin, Mark Purnell, Mike Gibney, Paul Ivory, Matt Dakin, Mark Anderson, Tom Andersen, Mark Brauer, Jon Michaelson, Paul Taylor, Jerry Treat.  Not all the retirees can make the event due to previous arrangements, like going on trips, fishing, traveling stuff retirees do.  Please respond to the evite below so we an get a good head count.

Respond to the evite by clicking on the link EVITE

Also to get a discounted room at the San Ramon Marriot please click HERE after opening the link click on Make Reservation

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