President's Message

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Welcome to the San Ramon Valley Firefighter Website -

Over the course of our Charter’s existence, created on October 1, 1993, the Association has matured into a professional organization that works with our employers productively and professionally. Our approach to labor relations, our ability to adapt and overcome the challenges we face, our determination to remain objective and flexible when negotiating change are all critical elements that contribute to our success.

We are dedicated to the community we serve. We are committed to the promotion of harmonious relations between the Association members and our employers, to placing our members on a higher plane of skill and efficiency, and to encourage the establishment of schools of instruction for parting knowledge of modern and improved methods of firefighting and fire prevention.

These ideals are stated in our bylaws. They provided us with the compass that guides us through our development with the confidence to succeed not simply as it applies to our members, but to the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, and to the community we serve.


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Michael Duggan
President of San Ramon Valley Firefighters Association